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Name: Derek Molinski
Age: 19
Sponsors: TECHNINE, IS design, Celsius, Senate
Location: Whistler
Years shreddin: 7
First Board: Fresh 156
Best Spot: Whistler Blackcomb pow day under sollar
Favorite video: gypsy mob/party snake/DOPE
I love: Girls
I hate: their problems
Best quote ya heard: "I'm gonna have sex with her and then take her money."
NAME: Sasha Tassone
Location: Jasper
Years shreddin: 8
First board: a sims board with rigged up bindings
Best spot: anything with the homies
Favorite Video: yeah right
I love: skateboarding and snowboarding
I hate: everything else
Best quote ya heard: "Senate Sux!"
Name: Nathan Rey
Age: 20
Location: Revelstoke BC
First Board: Stepchild Powder sucks
Best Spot: Rideau down flat down
favorite videos: child support, bon voyage, skate: stay gold
I love: geetar, jibbing, shreddin all day skate or snow with the boys
I hate: cocky bitches, the popo and country music
Best quote: I'll nose press your box if you lip side my rail.
Name: Patty Slim
Age: 18
Location: Revelstoke
First Board: kids technine
Best Spot: nice long down rail
Favorite video: THAT
I love: pow days
I hate: snitches
Best quote ya heard: "what seems to be the officer, problem?"
Name: Jordan Morris
Age: 20
years shreddin: 4
first board: catylist 156
Best spot: Rideau down flat down
Favorite video: Child support!!
I love: good times, boarding, bros and hoes!
I hate: lines
Best quote ya heard: "why do girls wear make up and perfume? cause they're ugly and they stink!
Name: Kyna Daley
Age: older than you fucks!
Location: Calgary..(shit)
Years shreddin: 5-6ish
First Board: Toy machine 144
Best spot: Surprise Trees
Favorite Video: Decade
I love: The journey to shame spirals.
I hate: Shame spirals.
Best Quote ya heard: "Are you fucking with me?? Cooooooool.... What is it?!?!
Name: Bryce Harrison
Location: Revelstoke
Name: Darcy Ruddy
Location: Jasper Ab
Name: Gordon Sansom
Age: 21
Location: Brandon
First Board: some sorta technine, mixed feelings.
Best Spot: not in Brandon
Favorite Video: F'it
I love: sexting
I hate: when Jord's mom doesn't sext me back
Best Quote ya heard: "I am breathing human 6 feet tall and I love anything in a beer can!"