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NAME: Mutt Munster
Age: 24
First Board: Banana board
Best Spot: Metal Mini ramp
Favorite Video: Jump off a Building
Favorite pros: Dustin Dollin
Trick claim 2011: Nollie backside flip everything or flatground hardflip
Reppin Senate since: the start
I love: my cat
I hate: my clothes
Name: Jordan 'the pigeon' Brugger
First Board: a blank eternal? w/ ruckus trucks and blank wheels.
Best Spot: LA baby... Norquay (RIP)..
Favorite Video: misled youth, anything Chris Cole puts out, STAY GOLD!
Favorite Pros: Chris Cole, Billy Marks, Reynolds, Shane O'neil, Corey Kennedy, Terry Kennedy?...
Trick Claim 2011: Judo Kick
Reppin Senate since: long time
I love: Mexico
I hate: Kittens
Best quote ya heard: 'The Mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: but the froward tounue shall be cut out.' - King Solomon
Name: Kyle James Kowal
First Board: Eternal blank my older brother jacked from a truck box
Started Skatin: 13 years old
Best Spot: B.U
Favorite Video: Misled Youth
Favorite Pros: Jamie Thomas, Tyler Gaucher lol
Trick Claim 2011: Back lip riverheights..nollie heel plaza double
Reppin Senate since: the conversion from 76!!!
loves: skateboarding on the good days
hates: skateboarding on the bad days
best quote ya heard: go big or go HOME
Name: Marc Edward Sheridan
First Board: Shorty's Steve Olson
Started skatin: 1998
Best Spot: Everything in Barcelona.. for Bdn, BU
Favorite Videos: Fulfill the Dream, Mind Field, and Hallelujah
Favorite Pros: they all rip! I have respect for anyone that can skate for a living.
Trick claim 2011: heelflip tailslide bigspin out
Reppin Senate since: Day one.
loves: skateboarding.
hates: hate
best quote ya heard: "Life is just a ride and we can change it any time we want." -Bill Hicks
Name: TRON
Age: prehistoric
Fist Board: Dragon Z
Started skatin: Ice Age
Best Spot: anything
Favorite Video: two girls one cup.
Favorite Pros: beans
Trick Claim 2011: ollie
Reppin Senate since: they let me skate the ramp for free
I love: skateboarding
I hate: that the next answer is the most, sorry, only serious one.
best quote ya heard: "Live Rad, Die Proud"
Name: Rob Daley
Age: 16
First Board: Element feather light, thunder trucks, spitfire wheels
Started skatin: grade 6
Best Spot: Toronto AshBridges park, Bdn Plaza
Favorite Video: Hallelujah - Unreal Video!!!
Favorite Pros: Felipe Gustavo, Tyler Bledso, Tom Asta, Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Decenzo, Shane O'neil.
Trick Claim 2011: Heelflip, back 180 heelflip, 3 flip heelflip front board
Reppin Senate since: After a few weeks I moved to Brandon I got noticed aha I guess i wore the right shoes ahah.
I love: Summer!
I hate: when By-Law kicks you out of spots or the fact that people don't know how really important skateboarding is to others.
best quote ya heard: You only live once have fun while you still can...
Name: Darren Boehlig
Age: 16
First Board: some spray painted board, with blank trucks and wheels (that I got from trading ALL my YU GI Oh cards)
Started skatin: summer of grade 8
Best Spot: mhmm.. brandon... B.U baby!
Favorite Video: Shred, circa it's time, stay gold!
Favorite Pros: wade desarmo, Tyler Bledsoe, Shane O'neil, Tyler Gaucher
Trick Claim 2011: anything and everything
Reppin Senate since: since the first time I walked through those doors to heaven!
I love: nice people, skateboarding
I hate: mean people, people against skateboarding!
best quote ya heard: "you've got it this try man" - everybody
Name: Beamer Wiebe
Age: 18
First board: wall mart aluminum!
Best spot: For Brandon, the new Plaza
Favorite video: zero new blood
Favorite Pros: reynolds, Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas
Trick claim 2011: switch lasers
Reppin Senate since: I started skatin
I love: new boards
I hate: breaking new boards
Best quote ya heard: less tears more beers
Name: Mark Rey
Name: Martyn Conrad
Age: 29'r
First Board: Channel 1 - Evil Knievel
Started skating: 1996
Best Spot: Calvary Temple (past) /Yongsan Station (present)
Favorite video: Welcome to hell
Favorite Pros: Marc Johnson, Mike Carrol, Jamie Thomas, Mike Mo
Reppin Senate since: Day one son!
I love: Kimchi and rice... who knew?
I hate: 1-upers and dudes who say "that's what she said"
Best Quote ya heard: " I bear many scars, but I also carry with me moments that would not have happened if I had not dared to go beyond my limits." -anonymous
Name: Bryce Harrison
First Board: senate blank
Started skatin: 2002
Best Spot: the PAD 4LIFE
Favorite Video: Transworld In-Bloom
Favorite Pros: The Boss
Trick Claim 2011: Krook outer ledge to flat @plaza
loves: Canada!
hates: west49!!
best quote ya heard: grip it N' rip it